PPM and Operating Agreement for Syndication

in on March 31, 2021

Private Placement Memorandum: offering document distributed in connection with offering of LLC Membership Interests in compliance with SEC regulations applicable to an exempt offering for the purpose of raise proceeds in connection with the acquisition of a MHP.

• Template Exhibit A Operating Agreement – Investors, LLC – Operating Agreement governing organization, administration and management of limited liability company of which investors will be non-voting members.
• Template Exhibit B Form of Subscription Agreement – Document through which investors subscribe for membership interests offered in connection to the PPM.
• Template Exhibit C Business Plan & Cash Flow Analysis – Business Plan and cash flow analysis providing overview of asset summary, business strategy, financial projections, etc. in connection with acquisition, management and disposition of MHP.
• Template Exhibit D Form of New Member Signature Page – Member signature page for Operating Agreement.
• Template Exhibit G Form of Investor Questionnaire – Document completed by potential investor verifying qualification status.
• Template Exhibit H Property Management Agreement – Agreement entered into MHP LLC and designated property manager governing services provided by and compensation paid in connection with property management of the MHP.
• Template HOMES LLC Operating Agreement – Controlling document governing subsidiary LLC owning the mobile homes located in the
target MHP.
• Template LAND LLC Operating Agreement – Controlling document governing subsidiary LLC owning the land under target MHP.

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